Zayline is a global apparel brand that produces high-quality, well-designed apparel made to elevate your everyday wardrobe. We are committed to quality products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably, Which ultimately contributes to reducing waste and minimizing overproduction.


Zayline has always been something I’ve wanted to build. It’s been a dream since I was a teenager.

I loved the t-shirts I had in my wardrobe. When I was in college, I used to buy clothes from popular brands. When it came to wearing those garments on repeat, they fell apart after a couple of washes, often, they would shrink in the wash, or the colors would fade. Simply said, it was impossible to find a T-shirt that was high-quality, inexpensive, and had a perfect fit. So I decided to make it myself with the help of my best friend.

With no experience in fashion, zayline was born. Through a lot of trial and error and several google searches, I started to learn about printing, embroidery, and the fashion industry. Instead of taking inspiration from the current trends, I focused on perfecting essentials inspired by thoughtful tailoring, expert details, and quality fabrics. 

Zayline was started from what was missing, but it is built by our passionate community and exceptional team. We make products that we want to wear. As a result, we have found that so many people are frustrated with fast fashion and looking for something better. We’re here to give you just that. Producing quality-made pieces to make you feel like yourself. Because you are who we are.


Our philosophy

Our philosophy is simple - We make products that we want to wear. Our designs are modest, using sustainable and high-quality materials designed to last. We have no interest in fast fashion or seasonal collections that will be over by the time you wear them. At zayline, We work with classic cuts, quality materials, and neutral tones to create evergreen styles that never go out of trend. We want you to wear zayline often. We want to be the basics in your wardrobe that you can always go to. We believe in timeless designs that will last for years to come.


Designed To Last.

On our venture to create apparel you’ll never want to take off, we have spent months in R&D, so you can spend years wearing our  Pieces. That’s why we source the finest materials and factories for our timeless products. Each item we make is rigorously tested for comfort and durability, and we’re constantly looking for more ways to innovate and improve. Because we believe a more comfortable world is a better world.


Our materials

An important way to reduce your impact on the environment is to buy quality goods that last a lifetime. That is why fabric choice is an important element in our design process. We use organic, recycled, and other low-impact fabrics in our ranges.


Our ethical Approach

We’re reducing our environmental impact by working with the best ethical factories around the world. When it comes to choosing where to make our products, we evaluate factory partners based on fair wages, reasonable working hours, labor conditions, and a shared vision around environmental and social responsibility.


We are transparent

we believe transparency leads to accountability and accountability leads to change.We are committed to quality products that are manufactured ethically and sustainably, Which ultimately contributes to reducing waste and minimizing overproduction.

Make A Purchase, Make A Difference


We’ve always been in business to improve lives. That’s why for every item you purchase, we donate a portion of the proceeds on your behalf. We’re really into using our brand as a platform to spread awareness of issues worldwide and make a difference with our contributions.